Airport Executive Park - Building 6 - Richmond, BC - 67,000 sq. ft.

Core and Shell

Design included a four pipe fan coil system serving a three storey office building (awarded LEED® Gold), 120-ton ton air-cooled screw compressor chiller, mechanical penthouse housing primary variable flow chilled water pumping system, 87% hot water heating plant with primary/ variable flow secondary hot water pumping system. Both chilled water and hot water heating system incorporate a direct return piping system with autoflow control valves. Ventilation air is provided by two 4,400 cfm 100% outside air gas-fired DX cooling rooftop packages with plug supply fans and axial return fans and sensible heat recovery heat wheels. DDC control system is LonWorks based with headend operator workstation and web browser located in the penthouse mechanical room. Penthouse is heated by gas-fired unit heaters and is ventilated by a space temperature controlled roof mounted exhaust fan.

Supervised the plumbing system design. Recieved LEED® Water Use Reduction Credits 3.1 and 3.2 and Credit 1 for Inovative Design. Design was done while an employee of MCW Consultants Ltd.