Construction Phase Commissioning

CES Analytics provides systems commissioning services during the project construction phase acting in the capacity of the:-

  • Project Commissioning Authority hired by the Owner or
  • Contractor's hired Commissioning Agent

The following commissioning services are provided:

  • Review the construction commissioning activities ensuring they are performed in a logical, efficient manner using protocols and forms, centralized documentation, clear and regular communication, consultation with all necessary parties, frequently updated timelines, schedules and technical expertise.
  • Coordinate the commissioning work with the general contractor and/or construction manager ensuring the incorporation of commissioning activities into the master construction schedule.
  • Revise, as necessary, the construction phase commissioning plan developed during design, including scope and schedule.
  • Chair the construction commissioning meetings when required.
  • Request and review additional information for commissioning tasks, including O&M manuals, contractor start-up and check-out procedures.
  • Write and distribute a construction checklist for commissioned equipment.
  • Conduct site visits, as necessary, to observe component and system installations.
  • Attend selected planning and job-site meetings for information on construction progress.
  • Review construction meeting minutes for revisions/substitutions relating to the commissioning process. Assist in resolving any discrepancies.
  • Perform the systems pre-functional tasks.
  • Document construction checklist completion by reviewing completed checklists and by selected site observations.
  • Document systems start-up reviewing start-up reports and conducting site observations.
  • Approve air and water systems balancing by spot testing and reviewing completed reports and conducting selected site observations.
  • With assistance and review from the installing contractor, write the functional performance tests procedures for equipment and systems.
  • Coordinate, witness and document manual functional performance tests by the installing contractor. Coordinate retesting until satisfactory performance is achieved.
  • Maintain a master issues log and a separate record of functional testing.
  • Review equipment warranties to ensure that the Owner’s responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • Coordinate, oversee and review the training of Owner’s personnel.
  • Review preparation of the O&M manuals for commissioned equipment.
  • Compile a commissioning report.
  • Create systems re-commissioning manual.