Facility Assessments

What is a Facility Assessment and why should one be considered by a Building Owner or Potential Buyer of an Existing Building?

New construction constitutes a small percentage of the total building infrastructure in Canada and the United States. In construction boom times, cities across North America have skylines dotted with construction cranes, but surrounding each of these construction sites bustling with activity, are existing buildings each having their own history and current set of operational challenges.

Buildings are like vehicles; they need regular preventive maintenance and periodic upgrades if they are to fulfill their design intent long term. The goal for every building should be to provide a healthy working environment for its occupants with the greatest energy efficiency at the lowest cost of ownership. The CES Analytics specializes in this type of service!

Tasks that are common to both Re-Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning an existing building are also common to Facility Assessments. These tasks were outlined under Services for Continuous Optimization.

This section further defines the approach of CES Analytics in conducting a Facility Assessment of an existing building.

A Facility Assessment is an in-depth investigation of a building’s infrastructure. This includes the building structure, envelope, glazing, doors, as well as the electrical power distribution systems, lighting systems, plumbing systems, fire protection systems, HVAC systems and Building Automation systems.

Our objectives in conducting a Facility Assessment are to:

• Determine the current state of repair of the building’s infrastructure and its sub systems.
• Pinpoint areas where the systems are not meeting the building’s original design intent and determine the reason(s) why.
• Estimate the remaining life expectancy of building’s infrastructure and sub systems.
• Assess whether or not the sub system deficiencies should be repaired or retrofitted with new technology.
• Identify scope of repairs or options for retrofit / upgrade.
• Estimate construction costs for repairs and / or retrofit measures.
• Describe benefits of each proposed repair and / or retrofit measure.

If a Building Owner would like energy cost savings and net present value estimated for each measure, then the Facility Assessment becomes an Energy Study.

Facility Assessments are an excellent Risk Management tool for potential Buyers of existing buildings. A detailed Facility Assessment report can provide a potential Building Owner with input necessary for wise investments.