Continuous Optimization


Meriter Hospital – Madison - Surgery HVAC System Retrofit (2002)

Four operating rooms and the recovery room were served by 2 thirty year old air-handling units. Designed and commissioned a 115 point DDC system for a modular air handling unit to serve these spaces. The HVAC system incorporated variable frequency drives on the centrifugal supply fan and plenum return fan, a chilled water cooling coil, a steam preheat coil, hot water reheat coil, central and terminal steam humidification, Ebtron airflow stations for supply exhaust airflow tracking, two-position VAV hot water reheat boxes for each O.R. providing 100% flow while occupied and 25% flow during unoccupied mode. The O.R.s and Recovery Room each had a motion sensor tied into the building automation system for occupancy status. The system employed an enthalpy economizer for free cooling and three stages of filtration. Each zone had an occupant adjustable DDC space temperature sensor and occupant adjustable relative humidity sensor. All control valves and dampers were electronic direct coupled. Worked closely with a system rep. from Johnson Controls (Madison) to commission the control strategies. The commissioning of this control system took 120 hours.