Construction Phase Commissioning


Maranatha Baptist Bible College Dining Commons Facility – Watertown, WI (2005)

Commissioned all HVAC systems in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility with KMC Direct Digital Control system (2005). System was comprised of two Thermal Solutions 87% efficient non-condensing boilers, primary/variable flow secondary heating water distribution serving finned tube, radiant panel and VAV reheat coils. Two 50-ton gas-fired DX rooftops with dry bulb economizers supplied VAV hot water reheat terminal units serving the computer labs, classrooms and lecture hall. A 60-ton gas-fired DX rooftop with dry bulb economizer served the kitchen/cafeteria. Programming language was learned and all sequences of operation were tested for cause and effect. Trend logs were created for VAV reheat box operation, boiler plant operation, variable flow pumping operation and gas-fired heat/cool rooftop operation. A report was developed identifying 66 system deficiencies. Worked with DDC contractor to resolve 35 deficiencies without capital cost to the Owner.